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I Heart Lost

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I Heart Lost!
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Hi! Welcome to iheartlost! Before you begin posting and getting involved with all of the FUN with this community, we'd like ya'll to go ahead and read through the rules. We'd really appreciate you following the basic guidelines so we can keep things straight. But really, keep faith that things will NOT be that militant. That's WHY this community exists in the first place!

What is iheartlost all about? Pretty simple. This community is a place for anyone who feels like having a fun time while loving the show Lost to hang out!

Lost is a new show on ABC, starting this season (September of 2004). It airs on Wednesday Nights at 8pm, just before Alias at its new time slot. Both shows were created by widely known and appreciated show runner, JJ Abrams.

This community is a fan community for Lost, and it welcomes everyone who whole heartedly pledges to follow the rules. Please make sure you understand the rules from the info before you join.

The community no longer has moderated membership. Join join join. We love you all. We heart you all. Come and be happy. Just follow the rules and you'll be FINE.

No one will be rejected.
... Unless you're an ass, in which case you'll be removed and mocked. So just don't troll.

The Rules are SIMPLE! Have faith.

1. Heart
You MUST love Lost. You MUST heart Lost! If you don't then you really shouldn't be here.
2. Fun
You MUST be dedicated to keeping things fun. We all know that things happen, issues come up, but make sure that everything within the community is fun and light hearted.
3. Spoilers
Accidents happen. Some people do not like spoilers, and if you are compassionate and sympathetic to others feelings, you will be in tune to that. If you happen to post a spoiler, please make sure you have put it behind a Live Journal Cut. Simple as that. But if you end up not doing it, PLEASE don't get mad if either someone ASKS you to fix it, or your post is removed.
4. Day-Of Post
Every week we will TRY to have a Day-Of post for the new episodes. So please, make sure you put your comments there. Put comments, thoughts, fill out the poll, answer the new TRIVIA question, etc. It's fun! It's a party!
5. On Topic
You don't HAVE to keep everything on topic, because we want this community to be tight-knit, but at the same rate try to use some discretion. Just... have fun. If the post is something you think those in the community will enjoy, then go for it! Have fun.
6. Other Communities
This community was NOT created in bitterness. Sure, there may have been drama, even located on 'Fandom Wank' that may have led to the birth of this community, but that does NOT give you the right to start drama with anyone in any other community. There will be absolutely NO posts about other communities in this community. Sure, promotion of affiliates IS allowed, but that is the extent of it. Do not post links for some community you're trying to get into, or anything like that. And most of all DO NOT post links or comments that might cause drama with OTHER communities.
7.Kicking Out
If you break ANY of the previous rules, then you will be put on moderated posting suspension, or kicked out. The community will be put to a vote on the topic and your fate will be decided.

And your name will be posted HERE.

If you violate one of these rules, you will come in contact with one of the mods. The mods are here to keep things organized, on track, FUN, and to help out. If you have a problem about ANYTHING just go to one of them. It's pretty simple, and they LOVE to help people out. And by the way they aren't as scary as they sound...

amarettolime, gimpie, downpour, and janetbaby007

lost_tv_spoiler, lostgraphics, lost_theories, i_heart_lost and aliasfans, aus_lost, keepaliasalive

If you would like to be an affiliate to iheartlost please contact one of the mods and we will hook you up! Thanks a bunch!

The current Layout for iheartlost is called V.1 Pink Love. It was created by janetbaby007 for this community. Ask her for a layout if you really want one!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, please feel free to contact one of our mods about it.

Also, here is where you will see your name if you are the weekly trivia winner!

And hey, make sure you ENJOY your stay in iheartlost!